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PaMu Slide 2 Bluetooth Headphones

Pamu Slide 2
Pamu Slide 2.

Padmate, the developer and manufacturer of PaMu, is responsible for a whole series of the one of the very best selling Bluetooth earphone brands in recent years. Along the way it also broke the record of Indiegogo with a crowdfunding amount of nearly 10 million dollars.

With the Scroll, Slide and Earbuds, I've personally enjoyed the discrete facets of each  model: the image, simplicity and aural quality and now it is time to welcome the PaMu Slide 2. There is no doubt that the brand's aesthetic beauty reaches a new peak, with this one and such pluses as Hybrid Active and AI Smart-Call Noise Cancelling and vocal enhancement. It also has wireless charging capability and built with bigger drivers, further improving the sound experience and comes with five differently-sized ear tips. The instant pairing with your device and ability to control volume easier than I have done before is much welcome. Other immediate impressions with the '2' is its appearance and the comfort within the ear. Love these as much as the sound.

The only negative I can think of is, as the PaMu Slide 2 is so appealing, my teenage son seems to have claimed them.

Nonetheless, as Indiegogo say, you will: 'Love The Bass, Love The Price' (and then some)!

Pamu Slide 2..
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